Sunday, April 24, 2011

Group Assholes

The Westboro Baptist Church are top runners for the award on so many levels.

The worst is that they indoctrinate their children. I had no idea how many groups they hate! Looks like everybody and anybody but themselves.

To see the entire list of those they consider not fit to live, click on the photo.

If only they would yell, "Fire!", they could get their freedom of speech revoked. They are ignorant, but unfortunately not quite as stupid as they need to be. Great job of parenting, Assholes!

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  1. I had an uncle through marriage who could've given Fred Phelps a run for his money. I've never met a more miserable, intolerant asshole in my life. He died recently. With the exception of his poor brainwashed, abused wife, the entire family (his estranged children included) raised a celebratory glass that day.


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