Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reality TV Ass (there are so many!)

Dave Hester is the bastard bidder of the A&E show "Storage Wars".
As people bid on objects in hopes of finding sellable merchandise for their stores, Dave gleefully forces everyone to overpay by bidding on lockers he has no interest in buying. He's like a dentist's drill on steroids and as charming as a little kid following you around repeating everything you say.

He deliberately lowers the profit margins of his colleagues for no other reason than to screw them over. He doesn't benefit from this-- it's a lose / lose every time he shows up.

A man who delights in screwing with the livelihoods of his colleagues. What a posturing ass!

Click on his mug to see a surprising video!

Thanks to Alex of ugabugabowls for this entry.

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